PRIMAS! enables the storage of the data of an unlimited number of people and is deliberately designed as a family program.

For example, the ongoing medical history of all family members can be stored separately for each member.

It is therefore important that the personal details of all family members are entered in the “Presets” menu after the program has been installed.

If data is entered in a form without the personal details being created in the “Presets” menu, the data entered will not be saved as it cannot be assigned to a person!

Some forms, such as the address directory, have no personal assignment, since this would make no sense. The 6 databases are networked with each other; ie an entry in the address book in one database also appears automatically in the remaining 5 databases.

The merging of all 6 databases in a single database would not be possible due to the specified limitation of the storage capacity to 2 gigabytes and would also not be appropriate for reasons of clarity

In some cases it is possible to switch from one database to another without leaving the database (hyperlink). As a rule, however, the database must first be closed.